Identity Healing

Using energy medicine to release the past and dissolve limiting beliefs
so you can joyfully live as who you truly are


After the Realization

When the realization hits that things are not the same and you are not going back to the way things used to be. Do you sometimes wonder if this is as good as it gets?   After receiving a diagnosis and/or experiencing a physical injury that changes where you are headed.  After a career of passionate competition that ends abruptly with the realization that you are not the competitor you used to be. After the corporate work environment doesn’t satisfy you the way it used to.  After the care you have provided for your kids is no longer needed as they   head off to explore their hopes and dreams. After your parent(s) passing requires you to look deep into yourself to see who you are now.   Wondering if this is as good as it gets?  (You could put this first - Do you sometimes wonder if this is as good as it gets? And then go into the after ther…)


The time has come for you to find yourself, to discover YOU as a person, and unveil your personal integrity and authentic inner self. The time is NOW!


You’re not alone!


It’s easy to get caught up in achieving, performing, following the rules, and checking the boxes. Years go by being on autopilot and when the commotion ceases —a void appears. It’s that space that calls for a change. It’s natural for the new stillness to cause anxiety and uncertainty. Who are you now? Who are you when your current demands, the ones that kept you swirling around day and night, are no longer there? This communication from your mind and body is where it begins- you are ready to find your true identity! 


Growth is Here for You

Believe it or not, this is happening for you! It may not feel like that when you’re grasping for meaning, but it is. It’s an opportunity to peel back all the layers that have accumulated over the years and allow your true essence to come forth. You may be wondering, “What is my true essence?” It’s the part of you that when everything is silent, when you lay down the shoulds, when you stop measuring your worth by what you do, when you’re honest with yourself and own your desires, it bubbles up and beckons to be seen and experienced.


The Next Journey in Your Life Awaits

It’s time to upgrade your operating system! To interrupt the replaying of limiting beliefs, release embedded emotions and choose a more empowering script for  your movie.


Perhaps you have heard your inner voice whispering “trust your intuition and move towards change.” I’m here to help you break out of your comfort zone and lean into your strengths, mindfully take action, and claim your new identity with confidence.  Leaving you with a sense of peace and calm.


"I’ve had pain in my shoulder for over 4 years... After only one session the level of pain I have has gone from a 6/10 to a 2/10, all from the comfort of my own home." Felipe Valenzuela, Toronto, Canada


Freedom without Restraint

I offer one-on-one personal healing sessions that help you release the old stories, emotional blockages, buried traumas, and junk that’s getting in the way. Every person is unique and has a lifetime of stories and patterns. After completing multitude of trainings and certifications over 2 decades, I have many “tools” in my toolbox that I love to use.  Using my “tools” I work with energy fields and customize each healing session using transformative modalities


Each session is unique and specific to the client, addressing specific concerns and resulting in more holistic freedom.


If you’re tired of:

  • Feeling confused and frustrated by continuous self-sabotaging behavior

  • Feeling stuck and unable to take action despite really wanting to

  • Being a prisoner of the past and being defined by what you did or how you performed

  • Feeling weighed down and can’t shake the black cloud overhead

  • Being burned out from over-giving, overachieving, and dancing to everyone else’s beat

  • A lifetime of regrets and shame that are suppressing your authentic self.


Energy medicine can help! 

In our work with one another, we will clear away all that isn’t serving you. This transformational work has long-lasting results because we address the root of the issues. 


Some share their experience as:

  • Feeling lighter (like a weight has been lifted) so you can soar

  • More clarity and purpose so you can go after YOUR dreams now

  • Better sleep so you have the energy to pursue your desires

  • Emotional freedom so you can unleash baggage and overwhelm

  • An awakening to your true, authentic self

  • A desire to move inward to care for yourself

  • More joy, ready to experience life with a fresh perspective and thrive


"Right now I feel so much different and happier like a weight has been lifted off of my chest. I can't thank Ann enough for that." 

14 year old, Rochester, NY


Uncover Your Wholeness and Trust Yourself

Do you still yearn for something more that you haven’t figured out yet? Let’s work together and uncover the stories and beliefs that are holding you back as well as remove the armor that has provided self-protection for so long.  I guarantee you will enjoy the freedom that you feel! 


Pure Energy Medicine Healing Package 

6 Oone-hour personal healing sessions that can be used at your convenience + custom journaling prompts to continue the self-discovery



Full Pay: $1,200 (save $99)

Pay Plan: $433 per month for 3 months


Book a Complimentary Discovery Call to Learn More


About Ann (include headshot)

Ann Hovey has been a licensed healing professional for 24 years. She is a certified practitioner in many energy modalities, licensed massage therapist, studied Professional Kinesiology as well as Applied Kinesiology and Nutritional Response Testing.  She understands the uniqueness and value of each client and assesses which technique is the priority while she works with her client. Ann is committed to helping high-achievers creatively release energies to reveal and honor wholeness and light. Her mission is to unveil true identities so that people can live unencumbered by the past and break free from others’ expectations. 




Do you offer in-person sessions?

At this time all sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom (with your camera on or off) or telephone.


Can this really work remotely?

Absolutely! Everything is energy. We each have a unique energetic frequency. Through intuition and specific training, I’m able to tap into your energy field and make adjustments, releasing what’s preventing you from moving forward. You are in a safe and confidential environment.


"Working remotely with Ann was convenient and beneficial to healing my shoulder pain...Ann’s perceptive and intuitive abilities are assets to her clients and offer a unique healing experience.” Alexis M., Long Island, NY


Does my package expire?

Each Pure Energy Medicine Package can be used at your convenience within 3 months.  You decide the frequency based on how you’re feeling and your desired pace. 


"Before we started I was feeling a lack of energy and brain fog. My energy perked up and the neck and shoulder pain I was experiencing disappeared. I would definitely recommend Ann in person or virtually." Meredith G., Long Island, NY


If it feels like what you have read resonates with you then I look forward to speaking with you on a Discovery Call


Book a Complimentary Discovery Call to See If We’re the Perfect Fit


  "In just three remote sessions, this long-standing issue was 90% resolved (and I am able to finish resolving it myself at this point!) and the other issue was 100% resolved."  Paula D., Finger Lakes Region